Hello. 🧔🏽

My name's Chris. I'm a Highland Scotsman (although I don't sound it) living in South London as a designer of internet things for over a decade. I learned my trade in Glasgow and Paisley and I'm versed in all things design from Sketch libraries and beyond.

Brand design for the introverted commuter. Make as few interactions as possible.
Responsive web design for Guardian Football

I love how connected devices tick, making them work for everyone. My passion lies in in-house product design, building large-scale apps or websites. It gets me up in the morning and puts me to bed at night.

App discovery for the Guardian
Tesco Groceries App (Launching soon)
Yahoo Answers Web app

I'm a team working generalist. I've spent my career learning new skills to get the job done. I'm a big fan of delivery and seeing a feature go live. I think there's often a gap between discovery and delivery streams, I've spent many years attempting to understand and optimise those streams to deliver value to the businesses I've worked for. I consider myself a designer who bridges those gaps with intelligent, knowledgable and realistic outcomes.

If you like what you're reading, you should get in touch. I have an in-depth portfolio but it's password protected.

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